National Sunglasses Day

| 13 September 2019

Now that summer is falling away, we thought we'd post some of our favorite memories for National Sunglasses Day to get one last look at our summer stylings before we switch things over. 

Anne Heaton - Queen of the 95th!

| 19 August 2019

Our featured customer this time is a very special patient. Anne Heaton is like family here at BRV and today is her Birthday! She and her Grandson Jim are pictured celebrating her 95th! 

Kris London

| 28 February 2017

Our Next Featured Customer is Kris London!!!

Kris came in looking for a new pair of specs and we helped him find the perfect pair. He went with a black acetate Adin Thomas that frame his face. We love the openness of the frame and the artsy, intellectual edge they add to his style.

Josey Thibadeau

| 24 January 2017

Check out our newest Featured Customer, Josey Thibadeau!!!

Morgan Tolbert!!!!

| 20 December 2016

Our next Featured Customer is the magnificent Morgan Tolbert!!!