Anne Heaton - Queen of the 95th!

| 19 August 2019

Our featured customer this time is a very special patient. Anne Heaton is like family here at BRV and today is her Birthday! She and her Grandson Jim are pictured celebrating her 95th! 

Kris London

| 28 February 2017

Our Next Featured Customer is Kris London!!!

Kris came in looking for a new pair of specs and we helped him find the perfect pair. He went with a black acetate Adin Thomas that frame his face. We love the openness of the frame and the artsy, intellectual edge they add to his style.

Josey Thibadeau

| 24 January 2017

Check out our newest Featured Customer, Josey Thibadeau!!!

Morgan Tolbert!!!!

| 20 December 2016

Our next Featured Customer is the magnificent Morgan Tolbert!!!

Ashley Bryan!!!!!

| 19 November 2016

Check out our first November Featured Customer, Ashley Bryan!