Promote Eye Health with This Surprising Holiday Food

Written Nov 30 2014

This holiday, there may be a great excuse for you to grab that extra piece of cake or muffin.

Time is Running Out for Flex Accounts!

Written Nov 25 2014

It’s “Use It Or Lose It” Time Again!

As the year comes to a close, those of you with Flex Spending Accounts will find that you need to use up almost all that you can. Remember that contacts, frames, lenses, and prescription sunglasses all qualify.

Time Outside May Reduce Nearsightedness in Kids!

Written Nov 18 2014

New research suggests that increasing the amount of time children spend outdoors may reduce the risk of developing myopia, or nearsightedness.

9 Eye Care Mistakes To Avoid

Written Sep 02 2014

You rely on them from the moment you wake up to when you turn off the lights at night, but are you really giving your eyes the care they deserve?