Earlier this month, Optical Express, a company offering laser eye surgery, went live with a new online tool that attempts to simulate a persons eyesight using their prescription. The site uses a picture of your choosing and is attempting to give people a view of what their loved ones may be seeing.

On using the tool, visitors are asked to input either their own, or someone else’s prescription details, specifying the sphere, cyl and axis numbers of both the left and right eye. After uploading their own photo, or selecting a generic picture from the site’s gallery, an image is then generated.

The tool simulates how the chosen image would be seen by those with a specific prescription, next to how the same image could look with improved vision.

Those who have poor vision and rely on spectacles or contact lenses are able to use the simulator to determine “how much their sight would improve were they to choose the option of laser eye surgery,” according to the company.

Online director of opticalexpress.co.uk, Tom Fotheringham, said: “We are really excited to be launching this new eye sight simulator to the general public. First of all, it will help those who know someone suffering from poor vision or an eyesight affliction to further understand just how much of the world their loved one can see naturally.”

Mr Fotheringham added: “More importantly, the unique technology used within the simulator might just help those who have suffered for years with sight problems to make the decision to invest in surgery to drastically improve their vision.”

To give it a try, visit the site at https://eyesightsimulator.opticalexpress.co.uk/

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