Check out our newest Featured Customer, Josey Thibadeau!!!

Talk about starting the year off right! When Josey breezed through our doors, we knew she could pull off any look from classic chic to up-to-the-minute runway style. Luckily she decided to go with all of the above and got three pair of stunning frames.

The first is a rounded cheetah print from the Lafont line. We love the classic shape with that funky print because its so playful and perfectly compliments her complexion and hair. Speaking of a perfect pair aren't those Prada sunglasses adorable? The frame is a blonde tortoise shell pattern that picks up the highlights in her hair, but even more than that we LOVE the coverage. The way Josey's grinning, you can tell that they fit just as beautifully as they look.

Last, but not least, those Prodesigns in that gorgeous orchid color are perfect. They're a modern twist on a classic shape, easily dressed up with a Little Black Dress or down with a sweater and jeans, and just about the prettiest shade of purple we can think of.

Josey, we had a lovely time helping you pick out your new glasses. We're always getting pretty new frames so stop in sometime and play dress up again! See you soon!

Josey Thibadeau

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