New Online Sight Simulator Lets You See Through Others Eyes!

Written Jun 18 2015

Earlier this month, Optical Express, a company offering laser eye surgery, went live with a new online tool that attempts to simulate a persons eyesight using their prescription.

New Surgery Can Change Your Eye Color Permanently (But Is It Safe?)

Written May 28 2015

Cosmetic surgery has become a normal and noticeably unavoidable part of our everyday lives, and there often seems to be no limit to what people are looking to change. Until now, many people have looked to change their eye color and used color contacts.

Introducing Ray-Ban!

Written May 10 2015

You asked for them, so we got them.

Blue Ridge Vision will now be carrying selections from the popular Ray Ban line. Just in time for those sunny spring days!

Come in and check them out for yourself!

New Video Game That's Actually GOOD For Your Eyes!

Written Mar 20 2015

The creator of hit video games Assassins Creed and Far Cry has partnered with medical applications developer Amblyotech to design a video game to treat amblyopia.

New Contact Lens Can Magnify With A Wink!

Written Feb 18 2015

"We have now merged man and machine. Welcome to the future. "