New Smart Glasses Can Change Prescription Instantly

Written Mar 09 2017

The bifocal was famously invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. This invention was an efficient way of assisting those who need different levels of vision correction for different focal ranges. For example, those who need glasses to see things far away, but not close up.

What Infants See and How We Know

Written Jan 31 2017

One of the first challenges that almost all newborns face in this world is that they somehow have to make sense of this brand new visual world with nothing much more than blurry blobs of contrast to go by.

New Study Aims to Reduce Peripheral Vision Loss

Written Dec 22 2016

The normal field of vision is around 170 degrees, and of that, about 100 degrees are peripheral vision. To understand just how narrow your area of clear focus is, try fixing your eyes on THIS WORD and see how much of this page you’re able to read.

Does Your Costume Use Cosmetic Contact Lenses? Please Read This.

Written Oct 26 2015

The General Optical Council (GOC) has issued a warning to the public that they may be putting their sight at risk by using cosmetic contact lenses this Halloween.

Why Your Eyes Burn and What To Consider When Swimming This Summer

Written Jul 15 2015

This summer, many of us will be seeking relief from the heat by taking a dip. Whether you'll be heading to the lake, the pool, or the ocean, there are a few things to consider before diving in.

The Swimming Pool Problem