Our first August Featured Customer is...(drumroll please), Marion Cloaninger!!!

It's that time again, folks! We have another new customer to present to you.

Ms. Marion Cloaninger came in for some new spectacles and we helped her find her perfect pair. As a mixed media artist*, she needed a graceful frame that wasn't heavy and had lenses large enough not to distract her from her work. She selected a pretty, classic frame by Adin Thomas. We like that the bigger lenses nod to the current trend, while the thin metal frame still feels delicate and doesn't overpower her features.

However, the hidden MVP here is all the bells and whistles she added to her lenses. Our Provencia anti-glare coating is phenomenal at blocking harmful uv rays and eyestrain at computer screens and under fluorescent light. When fashion meets function, we couldn't be happier.

Thanks for coming in, Marion!

*To check out Marion's astonishing artwork stop by Calton Gallery, GG's Art, Frames and Gifts or click here www.marioncloaningerartist.com. Support Local Artists!!!

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