Back To School Spirit Month Special

In celebration of the inevitable Back-To-School frenzy of August we will be having our own BRV Spirit Month! Our staff will be dressing up to follow the weekly them, and if ANY of our patients choose to join in, they will receive 25% off of a pair of glasses! Here's the breakdown of the themes we'll be following in the office. Week 1: (8/3 - 8/8) Will be Hat Week (simply stated we will be wearing hats) Week 2: (8/10 - 8/15) Will be Animal Week (anything from animal print, to pictures on shirts, to jewelry, to ear headbands will be accepted) Week 3: (8/17 - 8/22) Will be Tacky/ Mismatch Patterns Week (we wanna see plaids and stripes and polka dots) Week 4: (8/24 - 8/29) Will be School Shirts Week (show your spirit with any local schools colors and mascot, from elementary to college) Feel free to get into the spirit with us and save a lot of money in the process! Get a little silly, and save a LOT of money!